Some of our happy customers in their Creature Clothes!


If you would like to join our gallery, please send us a photo as we would love to include you.  You will also be in with a chance of winning our Creature of the Month competition on Facebook.


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Sam Murphy

This beautiful pic was sent to us on Twitter by Sam Murphy - so beautiful! Vote for Sam to win Dog of the Month on our Facebook page!


The very beautiful Molly in her brand new chocolate leather collar with brass stars - we love her!


"Dear Creature Clothes, I just wanted to say how delighted I am with the brown and white fabric striped collar you have sent to me today. I originally ordered a size 3 but it was a little tight so I returned with a hand written note explaining exactly that and that I could do with it being between the two sizes for my cocker spaniel Ryley. The custom measured collar arrived today and it fits perfectly. Thank you for your prompt service Ryley and I are thrilled!"



Belle taking a stroll in Shoreditch in her chocolate leather starry collar


The absolutely adorable Raffles in all his new Creature Clothes goodies! A strong contender for Creature Of The Month we think!!  Thanks for the pic Raffles, and for being one of the very first customers on the newly designed site!!

Norman from Notting Hill Antiques

One of our USA stockists - Norman from Notting Hill Antiques - great look Norman!


Poppy in our pink stripe collar, playing a spot of Rugby. What a great shot


Beautiful little Amy in her Pink Stripe Fabric Collar

Maggie the Labradoodle

Maggie, one of our coolest customers in her Creature Clothes red leather collar and lead. Such a beautiful dog, this photo was even on the cover of Sawdays new book - A Dog Friendly Guide to Great Britain!! GO MAGGIE!

Molly and Maybl

Molly and Maybl looking wonderful in their custom Creature Clothes leather collars.


The legend that is Romey, in his red leather with silver stars collar

Alfie Hawes

Alfie taking in the sights in a bluebell wood. Beautiful!


Daisy takes her bed out to the park for some proper picnic snoozing


This beautiful photo was sent to us by Maybl of her on the beach on Boxing Day

Sparky from Fetch Pet Shop

Another Creature Clothes stockist, looking awesome in their Creature Clothes gear

Brian The Cat

The very cool Brian The Cat at his workplace - Companion Care in Cambridge. Awesome.

Pink Patent Collar

This is just fantastic!!!


Sadly discontinued, but what great collars these were


Alice the dalmatian, one of our very first customers and a member of the Creature Clothes Testing Team


This shows just how wonderfully comfy our fabric collars are...


We bumped into Banjo in Broadway Market - what a cool dog, rocking his chocolate leather collar with brass bones.

Beautiful Betsy

Gorgeous in her faded pink leather collar - so cute!


Alfie the West Highland Terrier in his black leather collar with silver bones

Big 'n' Small!

Some of our customers from both ends of the size spectrum at the Suffolk Dog Day

Horse & Crook

One of our stockist, displaying just how fabulously chic and deliciously snuggly our Fogle & Pole beds really are.

Terrific Terrier

One of our Haggerston Park Friends, dapper in his chocolate leather collar with brass dog studs


Another member of our Creature Clothes Testing Team - great work guys!

Rob the Irish Terrier

Simply adorable

Creature Clothes on holiday

A spot of canal boating for our testing team


Charlie looking cool in his black leather collar with silver dog studs

Kayes Cats



Cilla Cilla Cilla. Beautiful Cilla.


Creature Clothes Product Tester Daisy, in her red leather collar with silver hearts

Dusk Walkies

We met this beautiful Dalmatian outside our workshop in Suffolk - what a majestic dog


We made this bed for one of our larger doggy friends - it was enormous!

First Prize!

One of our customers bought a red collar especially for his class, and came back to the stall to very proudly show us he'd won FIRST PRIZE! Congratulations!!!

Flyball Team Kit

We love to make kit for Flyball teams - here is one of our very dapper team members...

Fogle & Pole Vintage Beds

A very happy Fogle & Pole Vintage Collection Dog beds customer


What a beautiful dog. and what an awesome name!


Snoozing on a Creature Clothes Dog Doza in his cool collar

Mighty in Pink



One of the most awesome dogs ever

So Snuggly!!!

Fogle & Pole Vintage Beds make another hound very happy

Princess Curtis

What a great looking dog

Christmas Pugs!

Our Chrismtas Bandanas - size small - looking oh so cool

Hello There

Another happy Dog Day Out customer


Superfit Stolli sporting her red and white stripe fabric collar


Purple leather with silver star studs


Green leather with silver hearts


One of our early customers, Sasha in her red collar with silver hearts, extra wide


Testing on the football pitch... unfortunately the white lines had only just been painted on when she rolled on them...