Black Friday Sample Sale

This Black Friday, we are having a very exciting Sample Sale.

We don’t normally join in on the Black Friday shenanigans.  As designers and makers, bulk selling at tiny prices simply doesn’t work for us.  Our products are lovingly handmade for you and our prices reflect the craftmanship that goes into our work.  Really we need to charge more for what we do.  But we try very hard to balance everything out to create an affordable price that works for everyone.  So Black Friday isn’t for us.  However…

Slink Personalised Dog Bed
SLINK – made for a photo shoot and now on sale for less than half price.

this time of year is normally when we are at Christmas Shows.  We pack all of our wares up into the back of a van and hit the road.  November and December are spent in exhibition centres & pop up shops, meeting you all face to face and hand making bespoke collars for your dogs. 

We talk about the creatures in our lives.  The dogs, cats, kids, husbands, wives and parents in law.  We discuss where you put your pet beds, and the colours of the kitchens that they have to match.  I absolutely love meeting you, our customers.  The feedback that you give me about our products is second to none.  And we ADORE the flurry of photos of your pups that pepper our Instagram feed after the show.

George Bespoke Pet Bed
Personalised bed – Perfect if your pet is called George as it is better than half price!

However, we don’t just make dog collars and take orders for personalised dog beds at shows.  We also gather up all of the interesting odds and ends in our workshop, from one of a kind design experiments to slight seconds and have a Sample Sale.  But there are no shows this year.  So we thought we would bring our Sample Sale to you, online.

Black Friday Sample Sale

So here you have it.  All of the weird and wonderful things that we have made as samples over the year, brought to you.  From the beds that we use for photography, including some fab name beds if your pet is lucky enough to be called Slink or George… to some pretty crazy fabrics that I fell in love with and had to try making into beds. To a velvet dog bed with a tennis ball bouncing across it.  We also have slight collar seconds available – just click on the drop down once you have selected your dog’s size to see what we have available for you.

Dog Doza - Velvet Tennis Woof - Limited Edition
Is your dog tennis ball mad? This gorgeous green velvet bed with applique’d tennis ball is for you.

We only have 1’s or 2’s available of each item, so grab them while you can.  Once they are gone, they are gone.

After a preview night for our mailing list subscribers we have had an overwhelming amount of orders.  Please bear with us while we pack everything up and post it all out to you.

Ladies, gentlemen, hounds and kitties, I give you our Black Friday Sample Sale!

sale dog collar
Beautiful collars at tiny prices are available in our sample sale
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