New Little Dog Collars

We have something new and lovely – new little dog collars.

I’m going to be straight up with you… I’ve always shared my life with labradors.  I truly love labradors.  My sister jokes that I may actually be half labrador, where as she is clearly all cat.  When I was pregnant with my first child my dear friend and vet Bruce would joke that I was clearly cooking a labrador puppy and not a baby.  I have made wonderful, life long friends over a shared love of labradors.  This is all very life enhancing, but it does mean that I’ve not been very confident in making a collar for little dogs.  I’m used to a 25kg over enthusiastic, bounding, wrestling, tennis ball chasing mountain of (constantly shedding) fur who would be happy with what ever you put around its neck.

Following the feedback – they’re just too big!

Feedback from my Creature Clothes customers over the many years that we have been making collars has been that our collars are gorgeous (thank you!), but too heavy and chunky for little dogs.  The buckles were too big, the leather too heavy.  Lockdown gave me the gift of time.  Well kind of, if you don’t include homeschooling 3 children at very different stages of their childhoods.  So I set about redesigning our Size 1 dog collar.  AND I finally moved a long held idea that had been stored in the back of my head, in to an actual product – the Size 0 dog collar, for truly tiny dogs and puppies.

New Little Dog Collars
Our Size 0 and Size 1 – Brand new little dog collars

Size 0 & The New Size 1 Dog Collars

So now we make collars for the truly tiny, right through to the truly massive.  The truly tiny collars – the new Size 0 and the newly redesigned Size 1 – have new small but strong buckles.  The leather is tapered to allow a wider section in the main body of the collar.  This allows us to safely stud the collar, or stamp your contact number or name into the leather.  As always the collars are available with both silver/nickle & brass studs and fittings.

Size 0 fits a neck size: 19-24cm / 7.5-9.5″ & width 12-18mm

Size 1 fits a neck size: 12-30cm / 9-10.5″ & width 12-18mm

If, like me, you have kept your dog’s collars as they have grown, these new teeny tiny collars will be a very welcome addition to our range, for all dogs, both big and small.  And the teeny tiny.

To see our new tiny studded collars, you can find them here.

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