Personalised Leather Dog Collars, Leads & Accessories

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Personalised Leather Dog Collars & Leads & Accessories.

Beautiful hand made leather dog collars, leads and tags personalised with your phone number or pet’s name, embossed in plain, silver or gold.

The Low Down:

We took our classic leather dog collars and leads and gave them a brand new twist by stamping your phone number or dog’s name right into the leather.  The result?  A brilliantly practical and stylish dog collar and lead.  The quality that we are known and loved for is there still too because we bevel and hand paint the edges of the collar to ensure a soft fit against your dog’s neck. The collar is then treated with Neats Foot Oil to give protection against water.

Different Options:

For a subtle effect, choose the plain finish where we stamp your dog’s details deep into the leather of the collar.  For a brighter, bolder effect, opt for gold or silver finish.  We will still use a deep deboss into the leather because if the printing eventually wears off it means that the details will still be imprinted into the leather.

Safety Advice:

Due to the terrible increase in dog theft we do not recommend dog collars with names embossed into them for outdoor use.  You should never put your dog’s name on their tag, and the same is true here.  Dog thieves read the dog’s name and use this to call them away from their owners.  Safety must always come first.  A great outdoor collar option is our Phone Number Embossed Dog Collar.

Our Top Pick:

We love the combo of a Personalised Phone Number Collar matched with a Personalised Named Dog Lead.  Own more than one dog?  Why not put each of their names on to their leads so you can tell at a glance who’s is who’s.  Great fun, and practical too.  And if your dog gets lost and looses their ID tag too, your number is right there on their collar.


Have you seen our brand new leather ID tags?  Attach one to a lead, or anything else that may get lost.  Keys, bags, PE Bags… They are a very elegant way to be contacted on being found.  I have them on my kids ruck sacks so that they always have my phone number on them.  Also great for festivals. And they make fantastic gifts.  Think of them as a grown up name tape…
The Dogs Trust are a great source of information about the law in the UK covering dog ID tags.
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