Red Nose Day Dog Bed

I love Red Nose Day and Comic Relief. I always have, ever since I was a kid. At secondary school I did a sponsored 24 hour roller blade – somewhere in the depths of my mums house is a photo of me trying to go to sleep still wearing my roller blades – my feet hurt for days after and I can’t remember how much money I raised. But it was worth it.

Another Red Nose Day way back when, I decided to make something for the set of the telethon. The noses that year were heat sensitive and my mum made lampshades. A perfect combo. I bought 10 noses with my pocket money and disected them – cutting off the bit that goes over your nose. My mum helped me to make a pavillion shaped lampshade (with a point at the top rather than being open) and sprayed a lamp base red for me. I then set about cutting holes in the shade and super glueing the disected noses (and often my fingers) over the holes. My fundraising pack was then cut up and the photos of all the celebs of the day proudly wearing their red noses were pasted onto the lamp. The moment that lamp was turned on the noses slowly started to change from red to yellow – I was delighted! I phoned Comic Relief to send them my creation but it was all a bit too late to get it to them (or so they very kindly told me). The mad colour changing red and yellow nose lamp had pride of place next to my bed until it fell apart. Chris Evans and Lenny Henry looking out at me every night as I fell asleep.

Another year when Red Nose Day fell at the same time that I was at Crufts with Creature Clothes, I made special red nose day slip on bandanas for dogs. That year the noses had red and yellow hair, and so did my bandanas. I sold them for £10 each and was very happy to make about £200 for Comic Relief.

And now on to this year… this year I have made a very one of a kind dog bed. It is a version of our “Colin” dog doza, but with little black daxies are wearing red noses, one on a nose and one on a tail. It has a red fleecy underside – of course, and a lovely soft grey jack tweed top. It’s very sweet and very lovely and we are auctioning it on instagram. The bed will go to the highest bidder by 6pm on Friday. I pledged to donate £100 to Comic Relief if bids hit £100, which they did, so we have raised even more money for this amazing charity.

UPDATE!!! Our charity auction raised £315 for Comic Relief! Amazing and thank you so much to everyone who took part. You are wonderful.

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