We’re snowed in!

We're snowed in!


Show Shuts Shop

Over the past few days we have seen some pretty crazy snowfall in Suffolk.  In fact there has been so much snow that we haven’t been able to get to the workshop.  All of the roads to the Old Airfield, where we are based, have been completely blocked until this morning when Lynne made it through to send over this photo.

Can you see that huge drift of snow to the left of our hangar front door?  The one partially blocking another white door?  That is the door to our loo.  No… we can’t get in.  And all of our water pipes have frozen solid.

And wow is it cold in there.

Lynne and Mary are still working hard to get your orders out to you, but they may take a little longer than usual due to this latest snowy obstacle in our way.

We will be back in as soon as we have cleared the snow from our doors and the pipes have thawed.

Until then, if you need anything at all, please email us at info@creatureclothes.com.

Stay warm, stay safe & here are some photos from a very snow-bound Suffolk!


Suffolk Snow Drifts


Snow dog Bow in his Creature Clothes collar
Our lovely customer Bow experiencing snow for the first time in his Creature Clothes collar
Unbelievable amounts of snow have hit Suffolk


All roads around our workshop have been blocked by massive amounts of snow

We're snowed in!

Thank you to Lynne, Sarah, Emma & Caroline for the photos.

Have you had snow where you are?  It has been a very welcome change of scene for children everywhere who have been tied to their computers for home school for months now.  And a wonderful, wintery breath of fresh air.

We’d love to see your snowy creature photos, both canine and human.  Please do email them to us or tag us on instagram.

Keep safe and warm!




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