Cat collars & bandans to cosy kitty
blankets & nappas, hand crafted
with love for your kitty cat


Finest UK hand crafted dog
collars, accessories & bespoke
beds for our loyal furry friends


Don’t let your furry friend
outdress you, style up with your
loved ones and be cool too


Creature Clothes Dog Collars

Established in 1999, Creature Clothes have been hand crafting our leather dog collars for over 21 years. From the very first collar that we made – in black leather with silver star studs, to the latest vegan fabric designs, we have a collar for everyone.

For the teeny tiniest of puppies (our size 0), to mini breeds like Yorkies (size 1), Jack Russells (size 2), Pugs and Frenchies (size 3), Spaniels (size 4), Labradors (size 5) to the mightiest of big dogs, the Great Dane (size 6), we can even make bespoke sizes if needed.

Embossed, foiled, stamped, studded with hearts, stars or bones… machine washable vegan fabric or sophisticatedly unadorned. check out the whole range and see which collar best suits your pup.


We love collaborating on collections of bespoke ranges for our clients,
Take a look at past and present commissions here.

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