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Classic Leather Dog Lead – Hand Made with Love

In this section, you will find all of the dog leads – leather and fabric – in fact every thing that we make, all in one place.

We have been hand making our leather dog collars and leads for many, many years now.  The dog collar came first – a black leather collar with silver star studs, designed and first made 21 years ago.  The classic leather dog lead came several years later.

I wasn’t sure what I wanted in a lead, so I went through the pros and cons.  Something that is strong, hardwearing and stylish.  To match the collars that we were already making.  Flexible in both form and function.  Just a little bit cool.

I tested A LOT of clips, from double opening clips to triggers of all shapes and sizes.  We attached the triggers to the trailer hitch of a car and tested their strength, dunked them into the sea to see if the salt would affect the mechanism and to how much of a degree. We did a LOT of testing.  I had 3 dogs at the time I was creating our leads, so I needed leads that would work for a handful of dogs.

We settled on a really great trigger hook – one that was a good size for both small and big dogs.  We ensured the spring of the mechanism was contained (we had discovered that on cheaper triggers the spring would often pop out leaving the trigger hook useless).  It was strong, reliable – a really good allrounder.

What goes into making our leads?

Next up, the actual lead.  For our leather leads we use the same lovely strong yet soft leather that we use for our dog collars.  Worked on the edges for a soft fit against your hand.  But there is a twist.  We separate the handle and the body of the lead, joining them with an “O” ring.  This also gives you more flexibility, allowing the lead to be clipped around your waist or shoulders when your dog is running free.

You can also clip the lead back on itself if you are walking near a road and want your dog on a shorter lead.  Fasten a Poo Bag Holder or Treats Pouch to the “O” ring on the lead too and have everything that you need for walkies quickly at hand.

Do you have 2 or more dogs? Our classic leather lead can be adapted into a coupling lead by attaching a second leather coupling length to the”O” ring.

Our vegan fabric leads are made in British woven upholstry fabric.  They all have a webbing core and are 100% vegan.  Machine washable too.

The Creature Clothes leather lead has been developed to find the perfect lead for both dog and human.  The lead is approximately 1m long,

It is available plain with silver or brass fittings or studded with 3 studs to match a collar.

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