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The new WOOF Dog Doza

About Our Dog Doza Dog Beds:

Our Dog Doza dog beds are BRILLIANT.  They are THE ultimate dog bed.  I am going to explain why.

Firstly, the covers are removable and are fully machine washable.  Secondly, they are filled with 2 separate spiral fibre super-squidgy duvets.  We use two separate inners, not only to give great squidge (technical term) but also because the individual duvets will fit in to a standard domestic washing machine (no need for a trip to the laundrette).  Washing the inners one at a time also means that your dog will never be without a bed.  Third but certainly not least, they can even be tumble dried (though we don’t recommend this for environmental reasons) and are guaranteed NOT to go lumpy.

The covers open and close with a zip.  The fleecy underside keeps the bed warm and snuggly and has the added bonus of making the bed double sided.

We also make spare covers so that you can have one on the bed and one in the wash.  This is a truly washable and reusable dog bed – as long as it is not eaten it will last for years and years.

All of our Dog Dozas are hand made by us in our workshop in Halesworth, Suffolk.  Our workshop is in an old World War 2 Aircraft Hangar.

What’s more, this dog bed speaks your dog’s language. We really love our Denim Woof Dog Doza.

Dog Doza Sizes:

Small – 24 x 26″ (great for yorkies, chiuhahas)

Medium – 26 x 34″ (perfect for medium sizes – jack russels to springer spaniels)

Large – 34 x 42″ (we drew round our labrador to get the perfect retriever sized bed)

Does your dog have one of our Dog Dozas already?  We’d love to see them on their bed so please send us a pic via Instagram.

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