21 years later and we’re still hanging out in a hangar producing handmade UK pet clothes on an old WW2 RAF airfield.

Located on an old RAF airfield in Upper Holton, Halesworth, Suffolk. You drive past the remains of a WW2 bomber with the Creature Clothes logo on it and reach the Creature Clothes workshop in an old military green aircraft hangar surrounded by fields and wind turbines.

This is where all the magic happens. Every item is made by hand in our Creature Clothes Workshop in Suffolk, and occasionally in our Hackney or Whitechapel workshops. Our main production team is made up of Mary – chief leather worker, Lynne – chief seamstress, Donna – chief maker, Cosi – Creative Director & Designer, and Nick – Etsy Shop & Photographer. We also work in a leather workshop in Hackney, East London. Here we emboss collars, make our neon range and work on projects such as The Buckingham Palace labels.

Handmade with Passion

We pour passion into every stage of creation, from practical and cool designs to hand production for the finest pet accessories.

Creature Clothes pet accessories are all handmade in the UK and checked for quality control by a second team member before every dispatch. From fine quality leather and fabrics, to strong trigger hooks and solid brass artisan studs, we believe in producing gorgeous and resilient quality products.

Our fittings go through rigorous in-house testing. Trigger hooks for leads have been tied to the backs of cars, left outside in the rain, hit with hammers – everything we can think of to give them the beating that a dog will. When we find something brilliant, we stick to it.

We are passionate about Creature Clothes. We design for practicality and style, source only the finest materials and produce every product by hand with over two decades of experience.

Finest quality leather

Leather dog collars & leads made from the finest leather for your
furry friend. Handcrafted in the UK for durability and style.

We only source high quality strong leather for all our tan, chocolate and black collars. Since Creature Clothes was formed 21 years ago, the black leather collar with silver stars is still our best-selling product.

Every collar & lead is handmade to meticulous detail. The underside of every leather collar is beveled to eliminate hard edges and give a very smooth fit against your dog’s neck. The edge is then painted with matching leather paint, oiled with neatsfoot oil to give protection against water, and then “pulled” with a linen cloth to smooth the surfaces and edges and start the wearing in process.

Some collars & leads can bleed when wet. If you have a white dog, let us know and we’ll make your collar with a natural colour on the underside to reduce the risk of bleeding.
We’ve made many colour variations in the past, so keep an eye out for more Creature Clothes limited edition leather products coming soon.

Artisan made studs

Creature Clothes dog collars & leads use only handmade artisan
solid brass studs for the finest quality products.

Creature Clothes studs are hand made by an artisan in Menorca. The studs are made from solid brass – not composites. In the many copies of our work, cheaper mass made collars with studs are made from a composite material which will fracture and break.

Our artisan made solid brass studs are of the highest quality and every rivet back is individually welded by hand to ensure strength against the wear & tear your dog will inflict.

All our dog collar solid brass star, heart and bone studs all come in either rustic brass or silver finish.

see our studded collars page

Durable gorgeous fabrics

From durable collars to comfy personalised dog and cat beds, we use only the finest fabrics, because every animal is special.

Creature Clothes dog bed covers are made from Italian washable flocked cotton and Faux Suede on top and polar fleece made from recycled content on the underside. The polar fleece is also used for our blankets. We also source beautiful short runs of wool mix fabrics to bring in a gorgeous limited edition mix to our range. Every bed comes with 2 duvets, so it’s comfy for your pet and easily machine washable.

Our fabric collars & leads are made from upholstery fabric sourced from a family run mill in Yorkshire who we have worked with for 20 years. Ensuring it can withstand all your pets swimming, scratching, rolling and playing while still looking great.

Our Fogel & Pole collection is a collaboration with Ben Fogel, founded on a shared love of animals and the environment, all made from antique welsh blankets.

Our mission continues

Our passion and love of animals drives us to deliver practical, durable, and stylishly cool products you & your pet will love.

Since 1999 Creature Clothes have been producing superior quality handcrafted pet products in the UK for customers globally. Our products go through long rigorous testing and are designed to withstand time.

Our design process is about problem solving in a classic, stylish way, with the furry friend and the owner in mind. We always take every aspect into consideration, from practicality & product longevity, to comfort for your pet. Whilst always bringing new collections of stylish, fun and cool designs with a little bit of rock and roll thrown in.

Every product is handmade in the UK, produced from fine quality materials with handcraftsmanship skills that have been handed down for decades. And at Creature Clothes we always strive to use eco-friendly materials whenever possible.

Collar refurbishment service

Dogs can really give collars a beating.
We offer a dog collar refurbishing service
for £10 per collar.

Very occasionally a stud can be lost from a collar, and of course over the years it may begin to look worn.

Simply post it to us and we’ll replace any damaged or missing fittings and oil the leather, giving longevity to your pets Creature Clothes collar.

questions? send us a message