Creature Clothes & Mental Health Charities

Creature Clothes project providing working skills and community support for NHS mental health patients.

Creature Clothes work alongside the Working Well Trust (WWT) in Whitechapel, East London. WWT is a social enterprise providing support programs to mental health patients referred from the NHS.

The team at WWT work with us on specific projects, teaching mentally challenged NHS patients sewing skills & teamwork, providing them with purpose and support in the community.

Dependent on workshop program schedules, we work alongside WWT to teach and produce some of our slip-on bandannas and Bonie Babie products, and even dog coats we supply to Buckingham Palace shops and the Royal Collection Enterprises.

Printing with Charities

Working alongside charities to provide community friendly & eco-friendly printing solutions.

All of our printing is done Access Print, a sister company to WWT. Access Print is another mental health charity working with mental health patients referred from the NHS, teaching the art of printing to patients in need of skillsets and community support.

Creature Clothes slip on bandana packaging and labels are all printed by Access Point, and we ensure all of our printing is onto recycled board to do our part and help protect the environment.

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