measuring for DOG COLLARS

Our simple guide to ensure your dog collar measurements are correct, follow this to ensure a perfect fit.

Our dog collars are measured by neck size, not by overall collar length, so please measure your dogs neck, ideally with a fabric tape measure, as you would like the collar to fit.

Or measure your dogs old collar (if you were happy with its fit) from the buckle to the hole that your dog wears their collar on. Please also remember that you should be able to comfortably fit two fingers inside the collar when it is on.

Collar Size Neck Size inches/cm Type of Breed
Size 1 9 – 10.5″ / 23 – 30cm Yorkie / Daxie / mini breeds
Size 2 11 – 13″ / 25 – 35cm Jack Russel / small Terriers / Pugs / Beagles
Size 3 12 – 15″ / 31 – 42cm Scotties / Spaniels / Westies / Fox terriers
Size 4 15 – 18″ / 40 – 51cm Dalmatians / Labradors / Boxers
Size 5 18 – 21″ / 46 – 56cm Large male Labradors / Rhodesian Ridgebacks
Size 6 22 – 26″ / 56 – 66cm Great Danes / Bull dogs

NOTE: This is just a guide, a collar that fits one labradoodle may swamp their sibling.
You also want to aim for the collar to fit at the mid-point of the measurements, not at one extreme or the other.
You never want your collar to be on the very last hole.


If you treat your leather collars well, they will thank you by growing more beautiful with age. To clean the leather, rinse the collar in warm water to get any major dirt off, then treat them with Neats Foot Oil for waterproofing or Saddle Soap. This will keep the leather moist and supple.

Different leathers are best for different purposes: black, tan and chocolate are great collars for rugged use and grow more beautiful with age, telling the stories of their owner’s activities. The red leather can darken with swimming and wear – and may turn a deeper shade of red by absorbing the oils from your dog’s coat and the environment.

Please be careful when putting flea treatments or any other chemical solution on your dog as this may affect the leather. It is best to remove the collar and wait until the area is dry before re-dressing your dog.


Our fabric collars and leads all have a webbing core for added strength. They can be machine washed in a regular washing machine, but we recommend covering the metal wear with a sock secured with an elastic band, or washing the collar/lead in a pillowcase to protect the machine. Our wool collars & leads can be machine washed on a cold wool cycle.


STUDS: Our metal studs are individually riveted by hand to ensure they are as strong as possible. If you should lose a stud, please let us know and we can repair your collar.
We also offer a Creature Clothes Collar Service where we smarten up old yet very loved collars. This costs £10 + p&p.

LEADS: Our leads are 1m long, If you would like a specific length of lead, please let us know and we will see if we can make it for you.



Small: 24″ x 26″: yorkies / cats
Medium: 26″ x 34″: Spaniels / Terriers / Beagles
Large: 34″ x 42″: Labradors / Retrievers / Dalmatians / Grey hounds

If you would like one of our Dog Dozas to fit inside an existing basket, remember that our dog dozas have no hard or solid parts and are very squidgy, so will squish in to the basket.

It is better to go for a slightly larger option than one that is too small.


YES!! You can machine wash our dog beds – cool huh? All of our beds have a loose zipped cover, filled with 2 separate 15 tog duvets – we use separate specially made quilts so that they fit inside a regular washing machine – no need for expensive trips to the launderette. SO… the cover is washable, as are the 2 duvets inside, meaning you can wash the cover on its own or the duvets one at a time so your dog always has a bed, or pop the whole thing in the machine – totally flexible!


Our Fogle & Pole Vintage Welsh Blanket beds are machine washable on a wool wash at a
low temperature.

Spare covers

If you already have a Creature Clothes bed and want a fresh new cover, you can find our designs in stock on the links below, or get a customised bed cover with your pets name.

For international customers it’s a cost effective option as the shipping is cheaper. Simply get a duvet filler, fold in 4, and stuff your new Creature Clothes pet bed cover yourself.

Dog bed covers Cat bed covers