NEW IN! We have just made brand new stock for our Fogle & Pole Vintage Collection Dog Beds – well not brand new exactly… these beautiful beds are made out of gorgeous antique welsh blankets, woven in the 1920’s. They are old and full of stories. Any little holes are patched with a criss cross of velvet ribbon, making a feature out of their history. We have updated the design for 2020 and the beds now close with a zip rather than the house wife fold of old. Each bed has an applique’d Fogle & Pole label hand sewn into the corner – Fogle to represent Ben Fogle, one half of the creative team behind this collection. Master explorer and adventurer, telly programme creator, author, inspirational speaker and secret interior designer extraordinaire, and Pole to represent me, Cosima Pole, the founder, designer and creative director of Creature Clothes, one of the first companies to make cool kit for dogs and cats, established 21 years ago. Ben and I met and bonded over our mutual obsessive love of our labradors, it made perfect sense to create a collection together inspired by our dogs. The Fogle & Pole Vintage Collection has been going for over 10 years, during which time we have both got married & started families, Ben has travelled the world while I have drawn the world. We have both faced huge highs and earth shattering lows over our friendship. But our love of our labradors still remains unrivalled.

The new colour beds are (in very limited editions of only 1 or 2 per design & size), all available exclusively on our Creature Clothes website now.

Blueberry Fogle & Pole Antique Welsh Blanket Dog Bed
Loganberry Fogle & Pole Vintage Welsh Blanket Dog Bed
Boysenberry Fogle & Pole Vintage Welsh Blanket Dog Bed
Peaches & Cream Fogle & Pole Vintage Welsh Blanket Dog Bed
Wild Blackberry Fogle & Pole Vintage Collection Dog Bed
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