European Love

We have a new dog bed and it is beautiful. It is the Flag of the European Union. It is a limited edition, much like our time remaining in the EU before we face Brexit…

We have all watched the US Elections with growing alarm at the division between Democrat and Republican, the passion, the fury, the lies… The elation when Biden won rippled through London.  Fireworks exploded in our skies and text messages pinged from home to home celebrating the result.

One statement that resonated with me so strongly was by actress, director and writer Pamela Adlon on Twitter, to say that the American People could now reclaim their flag. The Stars and Stripes were starting to represent Trumpism, and to me, our beloved Union Flag was starting to represent Brexit.

Something wasn’t sitting right with me and I needed to redress the balance.

So welcome to our beautiful new EU bed, made in washed denim with individually applique’d mustard corduroy stars. It sits proudly alongside our beloved Vintage Union Flag Bed.

We are so proud to manufacture our designs in our own workshop in the UK and we are also very proud Europeans.

Euro Dog Doza

The Euro Bed is similar in make up to our already very loved Dog Dozas.  The Euro Bed has a removable cover that closes with a zip.  It is filled with 2 separate machine washable duvets. These are specially made for us in human grade duvet.  The cover and the inners are both fully machine washable.  They will NOT go lumpy when washed.  The inners even be tumble dried but we do not recommend this for environmental reasons. 

Our beds are really great.  They work, they last, they are super comfy.  And if your dog rolls in fox poo and then curls up on their bed… just throw it in the machine (bed not dog).  It will be as good as new in no time.

Union Jack Dog Bed
Our beloved Vintage Union Flag Dog Doza
European Union Dog Bed
Our super squidgy, machine washable Dog Doza – guaranteed not to go lumpy when washed – this is a fab dog bed with a fab meaning.
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