The Bandana Lowdown

Slip on bandana for dogs

20 years ago, we created our Slip on Bandanas. A bonkers idea, but loads of fun and a great way to use the thin off cuts of fabric from our dog beds, thus minimising our waste.  Slip on Dog Bandanas were born.

bandana small stars
Our Small Bandana bring worn by Draga the French Bulldog who is wearing a size 3 collar.

We now make 2 sizes of bandana – small and medium/large.

Little Dogs:

The small bandana is good for little breeds.  Such as Yorkshire Terriers; Chihuahua’s; Shih Tzus; Pomeranians; Fox Terriers; King Charles Spaniels; Boarder Terriers; Jack Russells; Dachshunds; Mini Schnauzers.  All little dogs. Essentially the small size is great for your dog is they wear a size 1 or 2 collar (up to a 35cm/13” neck).

bandana small stars
Draga the Frenchie in our Small Bandana

Medium Dogs:

If you have a middle-y sized dog you can go either way.  For example our beautiful model Draga the French Bulldog. She wears a size 3 collar and can wear either a small or a large bandana. If the large is a bit too big, you can easily wrap it round the collar to make it a little smaller. A good help in the decision making process is personality type.  Is your dog is flamboyant and larger than life?  If so, GO LARGE!  Do you have a delicate, timid pup?  Yes?  Then go small.

slip on bandana stars large
Drags the Frenchie (size 3 collar) wearing our Large Bandana

Big Dogs:

As for everyone who is a medium to large breed – from Labradors to Great Danes, then the medium/large is the one for you. As the bandana slides onto the collar it can’t be too small, even for a whopper breed like a Newfoundland.

face masks and matching bandanas
Nanook the Australian Shepherd wearing our Large Bandana, and his humans in their matching face masks

If you really want a much bigger bandana, we can make them to order – just drop us an email to and we can make you an XL.


Cat Bandana

And don’t forget the cats – if they are willing, they look fab in a small bandana – and the great thing is that they slip onto the collar so the bandana poses no increased safety risk if it is worn on a safety collar.

Christmas Bandanas:

slip on christmas bandanas
Our Christmas Bandanas – the perfect way for your dog or cat to dress for the festive season!

But by far our favourite bandana of all time is our Classic Christmas Tree Bandana – we put ours on our dogs at the beginning of December. They are fully machine washable and very hardy so will last and last and last. Then on twelfth night when we take down the tree we pop the dog’s bandanas away with the Christmas decorations, all ready for next year!

Does your dog have one of our bandanas?  Please do send us a photo or tag us in your instagram shots.  We would love to see him or her in it.


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