Personalised Dog Dozas and Cat Nappas

I absolutely love our personalised Dog Dozas. We have made them since we first started making dog beds over 20 years ago. There is something just so cool about having your dog’s name on their bed.

We now make 2 designs of Personalised Dog Doza – the Old Skool “BIG WOOF” stylie where the name is written in giant letters across the bed, or the newer version that curves over a bone or a star in the corner. This is my favourite as you can still see the dog’s name when they are sleeping on their bed – with the old version the dog lies across their name – it looks great when the dog isn’t on it but you just can’t see the design when they are on it.

The new corner design of Personalised Dog Doza

The actual make up of a personalised bed is the same as our regular Dog Doza’s – a loose cover that does up with a zip filled with 2 x 15 togg spiral fibre polyester duvets – all of which is machine washable. You can even tumble dry it all, but we do not recommend this for environmental reasons, and also because not tumble drying will prolong the life of the bed.

The Old Skool Design of Dog Doza

Personalised beds are made in the colours that you choose – either from a selection of options on our website, or if you have something very specific in mind then please do get in touch and we can make something to match your specific requirements – we have a big fabric library with something to match most homes, and can also make them in customers own fabric.

Kilo, possibly the most adorable puppy in the world, on his new bed (this is our size small)

Each of the letters spelling out the pet’s name is cut out by hand, and then applique’d on to the bed by our seamstress Lynne.

Taz on her Old Skool Personalised Dog Doza

Super squishy, comfy, machine washable and bearing your pet’s name. What more could you ask for!

Nanook the Australian Shepard on his medium Personalised Dog Doza
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