Personalised Dog Collars

Personalised red leather dog lead embossed with dog's name

Now this one is exciting… Personalised handmade leather dog collars, embossed with your phone number or your dog’s name.  Mix and match between the styles to create your very own combo.  The collars are available in red, black, tan and chocolate leather.  The collar is then stamped with your pet’s name or contact details with a plain, gold or silver foiled deboss.  We use a nice deep deboss because we know dogs.  We know what they are going to do to their collar – roll in fox poo, jump in the sea, scratch and rub it into goodness knows what.  So if the dog manages to scratch off the foiling, the details will still be there in the body of the collar in the deboss.

Personalised tan leather dog collar embossed dog's name plain
Tan leather collar with a natural deboss and brass fittings
Personalised red leather dog collar embossed dog's name silver
Red leather dog collar debossed in silver
Personalised choc leather dog collar embossed dog's name gold
Chocolate leather collar with a gold debossed name
Personalised black leather dog collar dog's name embossed silver
Black leather dog collar with a silver debossed name

Since lock down pet ownership has sky rocketed.  Everyone and their dog is getting a dog.  And with this increased demand for dogs has come an increase in dog theft.  It is for these reasons that we do not recommend that your dog wear a collar with their name on it.  In much the same way that one should never engrave a dog’s name into their dog tag as dog thieves use the information to call the dog away from you.

Personalised red leather dog collar embossed with contact number
Red leather dog collar with a phone number in silver
Personalised tan leather dog collar embossed with contact number
Tan leather dog collar with a phone number in gold
Personalised choc leather dog collar debossed with your phone number
Chocolate leather dog collar with plain debossed phone number


My top combo from this new collection?  A personalised dog collar with my phone number on combined with a lead with my dog’s name on. Perfect, safe and really fun.  I would probably opt for the chocolate leather with a gold emboss.  And a red leather with silver emboss for Christmas. But then the black leather with silver is so stunning. And don’t get me started on the tan/gold combo.  I just love them all.

Personalised red, choc, tan and red leather dog collars embossed with your contact number
Personalised leather dog collars debossed with phone numbers


My dear old dog Goose went deaf and lost most of his sight last year.  A collar saying DEAF DOG would have helped him and us no end. He had a tendency to walk up to people with small children, thinking that their silhouettes were us.  No end of times did we have to “reclaim” him from good samaritans thinking that he was lost. Personalised handmade  dog collars bearing the words DEAF DOG would have been our perfect solution.

I love our named leads because they really make me smile.  Just how practical though is a lead with your phone number on it?  Leads get lost.  It is a matter of face.  So how great would it be for the finder to be able to call you and let you know where your lost lead is?

Personalised red, tan, choc and black leather id tags embossed with your telephone number
Leather ID Tags

ID Tags

Another great addition to this range is the personalised tag.  A lovely leather tag embossed with your phone number or a name or short message. Attach it to your dog’s lead or collar (with their ID tag), or anything else that may get lost.  Keys, bags, sports kit, school bags – it is a great way to elegantly mark your contact details on to something.  Think of it like a grown up name tape!

We hope you love this range as much as we do.  We can’t wait to start making them for you all.

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