Spare Covers for our Dog Doza Beds – The Low Down

spare dog bed cover

Spare Dog Bed Covers – Why?

This is ingenious.  Spare Dog Bed Covers.  I don’t know why we didn’t do it sooner, but this has been a fantastic addition to our range.  Super practical, environmentally conscious and they make your life easier.  Having spare dog bed covers in the linen cupboard is always a great idea.  It means that you can put the spare on the dog’s bed while the other cover is in the wash, and your dog always has a bed.

Our Dog Doza beds are very loved and popular.  Super squidgy & comfy, they not only look great but very importantly, they last.  They are machine washable and guaranteed NOT TO GO LUMPY when washed.  The covers are removable – they simply unzip – and can be washed on their own if a bit grubby.  Ingeniously, our Dog Doza inners are also machine washable.  They can even be tumble dried though we do not recommend this for environmental reasons.  Made especially for us in human grade, spiral fibre, super squidgy stitched through quilting, our inners wash fantastically and go on and on and on.  Unlike many cheaper beds that will go lumpy the moment they are washed.

There is a downside to this.  The bed simply doesn’t wear out, unless it is eaten.  Which is always a very real possibility with a dog.  We had lots of customers contacting us to ask if they could buy a spare cover.  Their dog’s bed inners were still in good shape, but the cover had been a bit nibbled.  Or they had redecorated and wanted a change of design.  So… we now make spare covers!

Dog Doza - 3 STAR - DENIM

The Spare Cover Collection

To see our collection of Spare Covers, click here.  We photographed the covers pre filled so that you can see what they will look like on your dog’s bed.  Please make sure you order the correct size for your inners.  If you would rather buy the complete bed, with inners, just CLICK HERE to see our Dog Doza Collection.

All of our Dog Doza Covers are made to fit our Dog Dozas only.  THIS COVER DOES NOT COME FILLED.


Small – 24 x 26″ (great for yorkies, chiuhahas).

Medium – 26 x 34″ (perfect for medium sizes – jack russells to springer spaniels).

Large – 34 x 42″ (we drew round our labrador to get the perfect retriever sized bed).

We love the photos you send us of your dogs.  Please keep sending them to us and tagging our Instagram for a chance to win our Creature of the Month competition.

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