The Fabrics We Use

Dog beds

I really love fabric…

I admit it… I am obsessed with fabric.  I have trunks, shelves, cupboards and drawers full to bursting, full of fabrics and cuttings, sarongs and saris, table clothes and curtains that I have collected on my travels.  I adore fabric.  One of my lock down ambitions was to make a beautiful patchwork blanket by sewing together all of the little remnants of fabric that I keep in the drawer under my bed.  They are too small to do anything practical with, but I love them too much to get rid of them.  It may be a colour, a print, a weave, a pattern… an off cut from a dress that my granny made, or the sash from a frock my mum wore in the 60’s.  There is something in these fabrics that ignites my imagination and makes me want to make things.

What goes into a Creature Clothes bed?

For Creature Clothes our dog bed fabrics have to have style as well as function.  A beautiful dog bed is of absolutely no use if you can’t wash it.  Dogs are gorgeous, but goodness can they be challenging to work with.  They roll in dirt and fox poo, then decide that they have created such a beautiful smell within their fur that it is clearly time to curl up on their bed for a nap.  When not covering their bed in muck, they are seeing if they can chew a hole in it to find out what is inside.  Or underneath.  Or what about if I pull my bed over here and then try to dig a hole in the middle of it?  Our beds have to put up with a lot.  It is NOT like making a cushion.

Our beds are…

We know dogs and we love dogs.  Mischief and all.  So here is a break down of our dog bed fabrics, why we use them in our pet beds and why they are good for the job.

We’d love to see your pets on their beds – give us a shout on instagram and send us your pics!

New Denim Dog bed with grey woof and white silver star
Denim. My top recommendation for a bed if you have a dog that is going to put their bed through it’s paces. This denim/grey combo is our latest design, featuring a hardwearing denim top fabric, and a super soft and warm snuggly polar fleece underside. The perfect combo of strong and soft.
Rainbow Woof on Black Spare Dog Doza Bed Replacement Cover
Faux-Suede – this is a great fabric for dog beds and a tried and trusted favourite. It is a cotton based faux-suede & machine washes brilliantly. Again a lovely super soft snuggly polar fleece underneath.
Dog Doza - STAR WOOF - Soft Grey
Wool Mix – a super soft, hardwearing fabric. Washable due to the mix of synthetic fabric with the wool. A true fave and oh so stylish.
Union Flag - Dog Bed Spare Cover
Our union flag beds are made in layers – each stripe of faux-suede is individually sewn on. They feature a super soft polar fleece underside.


Fogle & Pole Vintage Dog Bed
Our collaboration with Ben Fogle – these are beautiful beds made from vintage welsh blankets. Gorgeously thick and strong, dogs love this preloved blanket bed.


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